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The Kenneth "Sid" Hopkins Memorial Scholarship Fund was created in 2016 by family as a way to award students who are currently pursuing a career in Emergency Services. This includes, Fire Fighters, those in EMS, and Law Enforcement. The Memorial Fund was created to honor the memory of Kenneth "Sid" Hopkins, who passed away on June 30th, 2016. Ken's passion was firefighting and his life was driven by his work as an EMT. As a life time member of the Croydon Fire Department, he trained and became certified in many areas of firefighting and went on to serve as a Captain. In his career as an EMT, Ken often times went above and beyond his job duties. While employed at Bucks County Rescue Squad 143, he became part of the EMS Bike Team and also trained to be a member of the Tactical Response Team. Ken dedicated his life to serving the people of his community.

Before he passed away, Ken dreamed of furthering his education to become a Paramedic. The Kenneth "Sid" Hopkins Memorial Scholarship Fund is his family's way of making the "dream" happen, in the hopes that others continue to save lives and help those in need, as he did. This will be his legacy!

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